This set was inspired by one of the musical numbers by Jemaine and Bret of Flight of the Conchords—“Business Time.” Although, from the way these boys turned out, they probably won’t get past the first date, never mind getting down to business.


Norman doesn’t mind picking you up at your house. He’s got an extra bus pass just for you!


If you don’t want your date to know where you live, Sherman is more than happy to meet you in front of his favorite shop for a little spending spree. His job as a senior tech guy can certainly let him buy you an entire gallon of gravity!


If shopping is not your idea of a date, why not enjoy some miniature golf with Herman, who comes equipped with an armload of gifts—a balloon on a stick, a teddy bear, and a giant bottle of your favorite perfume!


The boys are always up for a triple date at the Forbidden Planet where they will read to you their favorite graphic novels and re-enact the entire Star Wars movie with the action figures. What more do you want out of a date? Will you get down to business with these boys?