These humongous sets tend to have an air of austerity about them, which gave me no choice but to paint the king and his court. I was not able to find a proper crown to go with the king’s ensemble in any of the miniature shops so I was reduced to creating one myself—Burger King style (or Hungry Jack, as they call them here in Queensland).


This was a troublesome set to paint from the word go, since metallic paints are not very easy to work with, but I persevered, cursed a lot, and kept my sanity by watching movies and Kendra in-between. (I love Kendra Wilkinson because she’s the living testament of someone who can sail through life with a horsey laugh, a pair of silicone boobs and a prayer.)


Here you get a better look at the queen.


This set also called for some experimentation, as I want the queen’s ruff to be translucent. It worked out all right. What do you think?