It’s rare that I draw or paint something twice, but I adore Captain Angus McMudd and his jolly crew of sea dogs aboard the Good Ship Grotty Plonk so much that I had to do a set of dolls dedicated to them.


Clockwise from top: Captain McMudd and his pet squid Billy, First Mate Percy, Navigator Ned, Treasure Hunter Hans, and Deckhand Jones, who’s missing both an arm and a leg so he’s not very much good at sweeping the decks.

1. DSCF2928 2. DSCF2930

3. DSCF2929

1. This was the first-ever painting of the captain…(he usually forgets which eye to wear the patch on).

2. The evil Piranha King, who’s abducted Captain McMudd’s sweetheart, Minnow Barnacles, the sole heir to the All-You-Can-Eat Clam Bar restaurant chain.

3. Captain McMudd and his crew sail the seven seas on Grotty Plonk.