Today’s journey takes us to da’ hood where we meet a few homeboys of mine:


(Left to right) Quarta’ Pounda, who has in his possession the coveted pimp cup to compensate for the fact that his rap album hasn’t sold well enough for him to get a full set of platinum grillz. His Rap name reflects the fact that he is a quarter British. Then there’s Wood Stockyy Stockk, showing off his mouthful of bling and his diamond studded eye patch. He didn’t lose an eye due to a recent dispute with rival rapper Charles Brownee Brown as his publicist claimed, but is really secretly correcting his Amblyopia, an affliction that he ignored until his fans started calling him Crazy Eyes, which, in his publicist’s opinion, won’t help him sell records. Last but not least there’s Time Pieze, who, despite the solid gold grandfather clock medallion and the 4 Rolex watches he sports, is never on time for a single appointment, concert, and interview. This is largely due to the fact that he doesn’t know how to change the batteries in any of his time pieces after it’s drained dry. He prefers his platinum 3-D glasses more than his prescription ones because, and I quote: “I likes to see them world fo’ real.”