It can’t be helped, since I have in mind another set I desperately want to paint first, but here it is: Lil’ Red Riding Hood, yet another fairy tale trio.

The original tale of the Little Red Riding Hood, along with the variations, is not the least bit suitable for young and impressionable minds. The version we are familiar with have been Disneyfied. The original variations has subtexts which include child prostitution, cannibalism (Red is forced to eat granny in one version), kidnapping, and other things that make episodes of Law and Order: SVU look tame.


I choose to go with the G-Rated version of the story.

DSCF4477 DSCF4478

Red has a brooch of a hedgehog on her collar. There’s also one peeking out of the basket. Along with a bottle of wine. Relax, the wine’s for granny, who is armed with a rolling pin.


I want the quilt that the wolf is hiding under to be a reflection of all the things Red saw on her journey to granny’s.


This set was inspired by the Little Red painting I did last year. I am STILL crazy about that background paper.