I did this set a little while ago after it dawned on me that, once again, I won’t be spending the Fourth of July in the US. To me, there’s nothing more American than celebrating the 4th of at a county fair. I, of course, don’t have the slightest clue what that’s like since I grew up in Flushing Queens, not Dellview, North Carolina (interesting fact: Dellview’s total population adds up to 10).


But I can totally imagine what it’s like to grow up and celebrate the 4th in Small Town, USA—that’s how rich my imagination is after years of sitting in front of a television set.


And what’s a little fun without the spirit of competition? All the kids in this set have won ribbons for their pets…although I imagine it would be really hard to judge a guinea pig.

Happy Fourth of July, USAers! (And those of us living abroad at the moment!)