It’s only logical to follow up “The Lucha Libre” with a set of “Fighting Cholitas,” a group of female luchadores who perform in El Alto, Bolivia. I know almost nothing about Bolivia except the Andes are located there, overweight tourists often require to travel through the lands with a tank of oxygen, and in the late 19th century, an increase in the world price of silver brought Bolivia some prosperity and political stability (don’t tell me I didn’t retain anything from Global Studies).

It’s people like me who benefits the most from watching The Amazing Race. I can’t physically sit through documentary shows due to short attention span in anything educational, yet I need to feed my brain with all sorts of cultural references so I can be somewhat effective at small gatherings of people. The Amazing Race gives you a little taste of different cultures as its contestants tears through the world, covered in a sheen of filth and berate their partners. Last season’s Amazing Race showcased an episode wherein the contestants are required to travel to Bolivia, learn six wrestling moves used in a match, and subsequently go into the ring with the Cholitas—all of whom are gaily dressed in multi-layered skirts and bowler hats. Very kitchy. Needless to say I’ve filed that away in the cobwebbed corners of my mind, and so here they are!


The Cholitas wouldn’t look very authentic if I haven’t incorporated the traditional bowler hat. Thank goodness for ebay!