I am forever fascinated by this Japanese fashion craze ever since I picked up my first copy of “Gothic Lolita.” This is a terrific magazine devoted to all things goth—but only in a way the Japanese can. The zine contained sections showing you how you can “gothify” ordinary objects such as a desk lamp, computer monitor, and even a trash bin! There are pages of models dressed in all things goth and posing in front of churches, clothing patterns, comic panels, and a recommendation page where they encourage a would-be goth to explore the world of Edward Golly, works by Edgar Allen Pole, and novels by Stephaan King. Terrific read, that Gothic Lolita.


The first of the double trio Harajuku set is, of course, the goth version of the lolitas.


The second set is a more light-hearted (and thriftier) Kawaii version.